La Roca Canyoneering adventure

Enjoy nature and adventure with us, LIFE’S GREATEST adventure BEGINS HERE.

Canyoning is much more than going down a rope!

Here at La Roca Company Adventure we’re going to show at its best. Located 25 minutes from central park of La Fortuna, in the private reserve of Arenal Hanging Bridges (10.49392, -84.734535 Google Maps).

La Roca Canyoneering Adventure is an awesome adventure and one of the coolest ways to explore the tropical rainforest! We have adapted this adventure sport that anyone can enjoy it from 6 years old. After a brief safety course, our professional guides will hook you up so you can descend down rainforest waterfalls and then scramble through the natural river obstacles below. Our tour “La Roca” offers several different types of rappels, a small Tarzan swing, a Hanging Bridge and a zipline making this one of the most unique and fun tours in Arenal Zone and Costa Rica. Words simply cannot describe this amazing experience!

 The tour begins with one short rappel to get your adrenalin pumping—which, as it turns out, is also a good way to familiarize yourself with our equipment and start enjoying this fabulous tour. Hold on tight to the rope as you ease yourself over the cliff face, and make your way slowly down its side. Once you land, you’ll stomp through small streams and watery ripples as you make your way to the next adventure – the hanging bridge. This bridge offers great views into the rainforest, so keep your eyes keen for birds, insects, and reptiles. One of the tour’s most exciting features, the zip line, comes next. You should be ready to enjoy during this new adventure,it you’ll hold onto a carabiner (which is secured safely to a steel cable), lift your legs up, lean forward and fly across the forest on floor .

The tour ends with a mellow hike down a slow-flowing river at the exit point, fresh fruit and drinks await. Enjoy the ride!




Like no other tour, Here you find 7 Activities in just 1 Tour:

• Descending by Rope (Rappelling).

• Jumping into the water.

• Suspension Bridges.

• Tarzan Swing.

• Free Rope Descent (Hauling Mechanical Advantage).

• Zip Line (Canopy).

• Hike in the Rainforest.

What to Bring: Quick dry clothing, adventure sandals (or tennis shoes/light hiking boots). We recommend bringing a change of clothes because you will get wet on this tour. Waterproof camera (optional). Changing rooms are available after the tour.

What this Tour Includes Transportation, bilingual guides, equipment, towels, and typical lunch.

Departures: 7:00 am, 9:00 am and 11:00 am.



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